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by Achraf
Rym & Achraf in Bagan, Myanmar


Achraf & Rym: The Masterminds Behind Walk Beside Me Blog



Nice to see you here and we are THRILLED that you’d like to learn more about us!

we are Rym and Achraf, the couple behind the Walk Beside Me Blog. Asslema is a greeting in Tunisia, where we were born and raised.

We’re a travel-loving couple who are still kind of fine with the nine-to-five and combining spreadsheets with short- and long-term travel (although, let’s be honest, we probably spend way more time on Wi-Fi than we do exploring these days).

It’s kinda weird that we write about our own life but let us give it a try:


About Us (Achraf & Rym)

Hello 👋🏽 I’m Achraf

Okay, I’ll start first. My life in two words? I found myself at the crossroads of technology and adventure! After I got my engineering diploma in Computer Science, my journey kicked off tinkering with software for self-parking cars—because, let’s be honest, who enjoys parking?

Achraf in his element (the mountains)

Achraf in his element (the mountains)

A few years later, I discovered that software development didn’t match my extrovert profile. So, I slid into technical sales and found myself pitching the latest autonomous driving technologies to international carmakers.

Beyond the tech world, my heart beats for volunteer work and community leadership. Imagine the challenge of coordinating Tunisia’s election observations (post-revolution in 2011) worldwide—it’s a bit like organizing a giant, global potluck, but with more voting booths.

And who can forget the buzz of assisting at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2016? It’s like being in the heart of a sporting whirlwind but without the gold medals.

Since my student life, I’ve had two main passions: writing and photography. When I got the travel bug back in 2013. I decided to match my passions (which turned out to into expertise over the years) with travel blogging. And that is how Walk Beside Me Blog was born.

Here, I share stories from my travel outdoor adventures, hoping they inspire or at least offer a good read. Whether it’s about overcoming challenges in the boardroom or navigating remote hiking trails, I believe every experience has a story worth telling. Join me as we explore life’s journey’s unexpected and sometimes humorous intersections.


Achraf’s Personality:

  • Wild Camping in the high mountains
  • Challenging and rewarding hikes
  • The meticulous travel planner of our trips
  • The extrovert of the couple


Hey 👋🏽 I’m Rym

Puh! How can I now introduce myself without repeating what Achraf had said? (Thank you Ach for making my life easier)

I met Achraf during our university years in 2010 (OMG, I feel so old saying that!).  So I’m also a software engineer by trade and a creative explorer at heart.


Rym in the snow

Rym in her favorite season

My first career years were spent weaving magic into software that makes cars practically think for themselves—big surprise, did someone mention the same earlier?

My work has me toggling between crafting quality insurance standards for driver assistance systems and mentoring the bright new faces in the industry. Yes, I’m sort of a tech whisperer!

But life isn’t all algorithms and code quality insurance. I’m passionate about breaking barriers and building bridges—literally and metaphorically.

I’ve dived headfirst into cultural exchanges and language mastery through a several-month volunteering program between Tanzania and Japan that’s as challenging as it is rewarding.

I helped in multiple social projects that spark minds and stir hearts, and I’m constantly championing the cause for women in tech.

On Walk Beside Me, I’ll share snippets from my globetrotting as a (sometimes solo) female traveler. Expect tales that mix the thrill of living unique experiences with locals with the serenity of a sunset from a remote mountain peak. So, buckle up and join me on this ride—it will be a quirky quest through adventure, culture, and colossal mountains!


Rym’s Personality:

  • Loves high-adrenaline memorable experiences
  • Always finds creative destinations
  • Wants to keep room for spontaneous activities while traveling
  • The introvert of the couple


What Achraf & Rym did together

Since we married in 2014, we have been fortunate to have visited 70+ countries around the world!

Bucket list


Great memories from our host family in Vietnam

Great memories from our host family in Vietnam



The Mission of Walk Beside Me Blog

We’ve been to more countries than we can count (but let’s just say it’s a lot more than the number of times we’ve been to the gym this year).

From the majestic mountains of Switzerland to the bustling streets of Cairo, we’ve soaked up the culture, tasted the food (and gotten a little sick from it sometimes, Achraf, quite a few more times), and documented it all for your entertainment (and maybe a little bit of travel inspo?).

Why We Started Walk Beside Me Blog

Walk Beside Me was originally (2010-2013) a personal space for us to share our personal thoughts, opinions, and life lessons we’ve been learning along the way. Then it slowly turned into a travel blog as we found ourselves writing more about our journeys and travel experiences, more than anything else.

Let’s be honest, we started this blog for two reasons: 1) to share our travel adventures with the world (and hopefully inspire you to get out there and explore too!), and 2) to have an excuse to never stop traveling (because who wouldn’t want to get paid to travel?).

Vietnam Trip

Vietnam Trip

Okay, that was a non-typical statement. Jokes aside, here is what we hope we deliver the Walk Beside Me:

  • Help you travelers discover new parts of the world and hopefully enrich your journeys
  • Share useful travel information that would make other travelers’ lives easier
  • Share, Inspire, and build a close relationship between us and our loyal readers’ community


What You’ll Find on Our Blog

We write about everything from the must-see sights in popular tourist destinations to the hidden gems that most tourists miss. We also share our travel tips and tricks, so you can learn from our mistakes (and successes!) and avoid the travel woes that no one talks about (like how to pack light when you’re a chronic over-packer like Rym).

So, stick around and join us on our adventures! We promise it’ll be way more fun (and informative) than reading your grandma’s Facebook posts.

P.S. If you’re looking for tips on how to survive long airplane rides with your significant other, we might be able to help you out there too (spoiler alert: it involves a lot of noise-canceling headphones and strategically placed snacks).

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